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May 2018

Found 14 blog entries for May 2018.

By the Engel & Völkers Team

Fairytales do exist—at least in Lower Austria. Feast your eyes on the glorious castle Silbererschlössl, now exclusively on the market with Engel & Völkers Vienna. Silbererschlössl meets all criteria when it comes to the unnegotiable elements one would expect in a dream castle. A rich history? Check. Timeless architectural features? Check. Lancets, turrets and stained glass? Check, check and check.

Beyond these priceless features, however, Silbererschlössl is infinitely more special for one thing: its location. Built approximately 900 meters above sea level, the structure is nestled in the mountainous Semmering Pass. This idyllic region located an hour from Vienna has been a sought-after destination for the

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E&V News

A Hurricane-Proof South Carolina Estate
Mansion Global
In an area of the eastern United States that’s frequently in the path of major hurricanes, this nearly 10,000-square-foot estate is built to stand tough and tall.

House Hunting in … Spain
The New York Times
The 13,000-square-foot house, which has two stories, with seven bedrooms and bathrooms, is behind an iron gate, at the end of a long driveway flanked by olive trees and oleander bushes.

How Much it Costs to Move the Average Home in South Africa Onto Solar Power in 2018
Business Tech
More South African homeowners are choosing to move to solar panels due to increasing affordability and the wide range of benefits they offer.


Surging Prices, Rates Test Demand in U.S. Housing Market

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You don’t have to be on the career ladder in the property sector to become a real estate agent. Sales enthusiasts with a love of design and architecture, an interest in the property market and a desire for a rewarding job can make the transition. The requirements vary from country to country and region to region, but there are some skills and qualifications that will always set you up to succeed.  

What do you need to be a real estate agent?  

In countries such as the USA, France, Spain, Italy and The Bahamasreal estate agent requirements include an official license to practice. These are issued by local or national authorities, and usually involve a test and legal checks. In others, such as Germany, the UK and Poland,

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In August of 2017 Forbes magazine ranked The Bahamas one of Nine International Areas Real Estate Investors Should Give a Look. Two months later Engel & Völkers opened its first shop in The Bahamas and has been riding a strong real estate market for the past 6 months. Headquartered in downtown Nassau, Engel & Völkers Bahamas is the 2nd Caribbean location along with the Cayman Islands.

License Partner, Colin Lightbourn, who has been heavily involved in Bahamas real estate for more than 20 years says, “The Bahamas has always been an attractive place to buy real estate for a number of reasons. First, our location and weather are perfect, we are recognized globally as having the most beautiful oceans and beaches and the capital Nassau is only 180 miles off

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Why Buying or Selling a Home on your Own is a Bad Idea Especially in the Cayman Islands.

Just like every morning, you prepare a bowl of cereal and make your coffee the way you like it. After sitting down with your computer, you look through the newest property listings to see which property hit CIREBA last night and see what open houses there are in your community?

Thanks to the internet, you have been able to get into real estate all on your own! Here is where we step in and tell you that you are getting yourself into some dangerous business. Of course, every homebuyer is capable of doing everything on their own, but it is not the safest decision! Buying or selling property is one of the most important financial decision one will make and in turn,

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As originally published on Forbes 
By Anthony Hitt, President & CEO, Engel & Völkers Americas

There are countless articles and books extolling the importance of organizational culture, but when it comes down to defining what culture is and what sets one company’s culture apart from another’s, things become a bit more nebulous. Is it the people? Is it certain operating standards? The client experience? I believe it’s a combination of these and other factors that coalesce to form the unique DNA that makes up each organization’s brand identity.

When a client walks into an Engel & Völkers shop, be it in Belize, Minneapolis or Budapest, they can expect a certain look, feel and experience. Similarly, when that client is looking for a home across the

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Can Culture Transcend Borders? How to Maintain Culture Through Global Brand Expansion
When a client walks into an Engel & Völkers shop, be it in Belize, Minneapolis or Budapest, they can expect a certain look, feel and experience.

The Bronx Sheds Image of Urban Blight, Becomes Latest Target of New York City’s Relentless Gentrification
The Bronx, once written off by buyers and renters alike, is becoming the next front in New York City's gentrification wars.

Home of the Week: Westlake Village Estate Is Ripe With Over-the-Top Features
Los Angeles Times
Vine-covered hillsides bring to mind wine destinations such as California's Central Coast or Napa Valley, but this gated estate with vineyard lies just west of Los Angeles in Westlake Village.

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Tips For Vendors Selling Their Property:

Every seller wants their home to sell fast and for the most amount of money.  But it's not luck that makes this happen.  It is careful planning and knowledge of how to professionally spruce up your home that will send home buyers running to write you a check.  There are a few suggestions on how to prep your house:

 1)    Disassociate Yourself with your Home: Say to yourself, “This is not my home anymore, it is a house for a new owner.” It is hard, but if you want to get the most for your home, you cannot be sentimental.  Enjoy the memories you had and look forward to making new ones in your new home.   Look towards the future and the exciting times ahead.

 2)    De-Personalize:  Pack up those personal

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Here are eight valid reasons to use a CIREBA trained Real Estate Professional to help sell you Grand Cayman Real estate property. Avoid going the FSBO route. FSBO = For Sale By Owner!
One word that sums it up, RISKY. FSBOs jeopardize time, money, and most importantly, a favorable outcome. In fact, in the North American and we can apply it as well to the Cayman Islands, research shows that FSBO listings sell for about 5.5% LESS than comparable properties sold through the MLS. Some sellers reason if they do-it-themselves they can save the commission, big mistake!

1. Knowledge:
Sure you can educate yourself on anything, there are thousands of books on real estate. However, full time experienced successful CIREBA trained real estate agent’s experience is

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By the Engel & Völkers Team

Tucked away in the Le Marais neighborhood of Paris, you’ll find a unique store where blackened and polished steel caps typically used to seal the city’s sewer pipes adorn the walls and act as shelving units. Similarly, in Singapore, thousands of displaced coconut fibers hang from a store ceiling, simulating a meadow of dried grass flipped upside down. In New York City, a shop displays old New York Times papers that have been stacked, bound and put up against its every wall and counter. For Australian beauty product brand Aesop, all these architectural designs defy the norm against most other retail brands and uphold one tenant: total atmospheric emersion in each global location.

For Dennis Paphitis who founded Aesop in

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